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Remove Effects

removes all highlighting, coloring, and x-ray effects from an object.

Effect Color

Controls the color of the X-ray and the solid color effects.

  1. Hue, Saturation, and Brightness

  2. RGBA

    R,G,B = Red, Green, and Blue values (0-255)

    A = Transparancy (0-255, 255=solid)

  3. Hex color = Hexadecimal code for the color.

X-ray Effect

To use this feature select the time you want to view in x-ray, then under the Home tap click the x-ray button or press X on your keyboard. To turn off the x-ray view select the item in x-ray and then click the x-ray button, this will remove the x-ray view.

Color Effect

Colors selected object. Usage is the same as X-ray. Hotkey is C.


To highlight an object, first select it and then click the "Highlight" check box in the properties tab.