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Effects is a section on the Home tab that allows you to add or remove X-Ray, highlight, or color effects from your model.

Remove Effects

removes all highlighting, coloring, and X-Ray effects from an object.

Effect Color

Controls the color of the X-Ray and the solid color effects.

  1. Hue, Saturation, and Brightness
  2. RGBA
    • R,G,B = Red, Green, and Blue values (0-255)
    • A = Transparency (0-255, 255=solid)
  3. Hex color = Unique code for the currently selected color.
    • RGBA values in Hexadecimal (Base 16). Each set of 2 characters represents 0-255 in the corresponding color/alpha value. This code is valuable when trying to save colors for later use.

X-Ray Effect

To use this feature select the object you want to view in X-Ray, then under the Home tab > Effects section click the X-Ray button or press X on your keyboard. To turn off the X-Ray view, click the X-Ray button or press x again.

Color Effect

Sets the color of selected object. Usage is the same as X-Ray. The Hotkey to toggle color effects on the selected object is C.


To highlight an object, first select it and then click the "Highlight" check box in the properties tab with your object selected. You can also highlight using the highlight icon in the Home > Effects section or pressing the "h" key on your keyboard.