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Project Management Portal Documentation

Project Page is where you create new projects using the “Add New Project” tab on the right side of the page. You can view all project you have access to under this tab. You can view the organization they belong to, description and the last time they were modified. You can perform actions on each project by clicking on the Actions tab on the right across from the project name. This gives you the ability to open in Player, Editor, Edit, Delete and Clone projects. You can make a clone of a project, which copies the project in it’s entirety, allowing a user to edit the project independently. This feature would be useful if you would like to edit a project but keep the original version.

Clicking on a project will display details of that project such as the Project Teams (A list of the teams that are involved in the project), Project Assets (List of files such as images, audio and models that you assigned to this project to make up the scenarios.) and Project Activity (Shows all changes made to the project).

The details page also enables you to add information to your project from here such as Project Teams and Project Assets. Under the Projects Assets you have the option of adding assets from the Organization Assets or Add Local Asset. Organization Assets are files you upload to a shared directory for your organization under the Organization Assets tab. If you would like to add assets that are project specific and not shared you would do this by uploading a file from your hard drive through the Add Local Asset tab.

The details page allows you to choose actions to take regarding your project. You have options such as Download Project, Open in Player and Open in Editor.

The details page also lets you choose some actions to take:

  • You can play the project in your browser, so long as your browser supports the unity web player.
  • You can open the project in Modest3D Editor, so long as it is installed on the system.
  • If you are on the Overview page, you can edit the project's information.
  • You can make a clone of the project, which copies the project in it's entirety, allowing a user to edit the project independently of changes made by other users.