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Project Management Portal Documentation

Organization Page

Clicking on the Organizations buttons brings you to a list of all the organizations under your account. This page displays the name, bandwidth, and description of each organization. It also shows you the number of teams, projects, users and assets under each organization.

When you create an account with Modest3D an organization is created for you. When you send an invite, or receive an invite to join other organizations they will be displayed in this tab. You can view organization details such as the number of projects, users, teams and assets and Bandwidth for each organization.

Clicking on the organization's name will take you to the screen where you can control the different aspects of your organization, including your Projects, Licensing, Organization Users, Organization Teams, Invited Users and Organization Administrators. You can only view the information in an organization that you have been given access to by the administrator of that organization.

Organization Projects

When you click on your organization or an organization you belong to you will see Organization Projects. This lists all active projects you are a part of in that organization. Click on a project and you will be taken to that project's page.


This is where your active licenses and details about them are displayed. You can click on the license for more information.

Organization Users

Lists all the users associated with that organization. The number of people belonging to an organization is determined by the type of license you purchase. Clicking on the specific user will display their personal information, Organizations and teams they are a part of.

Organization Teams

This lists the teams associated to that organization as you can have more then one team. Clicking on a team will give you permission level, users and projects assigned to that team. You can also create a new Team from this page as well.

Organization Administrators

List all users that are eligible to become administrators of your organization. You can not add administrators to other organizations. Adding another administrator to your organization allows that person to make changes to the properties, projects and teams as well. This is helpful within larger organizations.

Invited Users

Lists users you have invited to your organization, but who have not accepted the invitation yet.