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Portal Documentation


Here you are able to manage, add and create both your Local (offline) and Server (online) projects you are apart of.

  • Local allows you to manage projects that located on your computer

  • Server allows you to manage Projects that are connected to the Online sever

Creating New Projects

There are two ways to create a new project

  1. Click on New Project

    The Add New Project popup will show, Enter the name and click Submit

  2. Click on Add Existing Project

    The Add Existing Project popup will show, Select the location of the files / folders

Projects Dropdown

At the bottom of each Project is a dropdown

  • Show Folder (only on local projects)

    Will open a window to the Projects location on your computer

  • Upload (only on local projects not yet uploaded)

  • Download (only on server projects)

  • Sync (on projects that are save localy and on the server, ensures both copys are uptodate)

  • Clone

    Allows you to creat a copy of the Project

  • Edit

    Allows you to edit the name of a project

  • Delete

    Will delete your project

    Doing this on the Local section will remove it only from your computer

    Doing this on the Server section will remove it from the server but not your local copy

Projects Details

When you select a project the details will pop up at the bottom of the screen with six sections

  1. Assets

    Allows you to add and manage different assets in this porject

  2. Editor

    Allows you to add and manage different Editor scenes in this porject

  3. Xplorer

    Allows you to add and manage different Xplorer scenes in this project

  4. Designer

    Allows you to add and manage different Designer scenes in this project

  5. Activity

    Allows you to see the Activity with this project

  6. Teams

    Allows you to manage the Teams associated with this Project

Uploading and Downloading Projects

You can Upload a Local project to the server by clicking the dropdown and selecting Upload

This will open the Upload Project popup, click Submit

This will add an icon to the project, displaying that it is now saved on the Server

There are Two ways to download a project from the server

  1. On the Local tab click in the Quick Download box

    Then select the project to would like to download and click download

    The Download Project popup will show, click Submit

  2. On the Server tab select the project you would like to download and click its dropdown and select Download