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Overview of Portal Windows

Header Bar

The header bar of the portal includes access to user actions, search function, settings, tasks, and notifications.

Name Description Icon
User Actions Allows the user to log out or to go directly to their profile under the users window.
Search Allows the user the ability to search the current window for specific things.
Settings General settings allow you to switch between themes, set your default project folder, view the current version installed, and check for updates. License settings allow you to enter new standalone keys, as well as download latest cloud licenses .
Tasks Give the user the ability to view tasks which are currently in progress. Such as the progress of uploading or downloading lessons, projects, or assets.
Notifications Notifies the user of outstanding workspace invites or other notifications.

The Sidebar is on the left side of the portal, and contains most of the links to the different pages of the portal. These links are as follows:

Name Description Icon
Dashboard Here you have access to tutorial videos and documentation for the Modest3D products, along with access to free trials for the products.
My Projects Here you are able to manage, create and edit local (offline) projects and lessons.
Shared With Me This section contains the projects you have uploaded or have been shared with on the server.
Users The Users page allows users to view other users within your workspace. From this page, you can check contact information for other users to help with collaboration.
Shared Assets The Shared Assets page allows users to upload assets to the server to be used in other projects or share with other users.
Multiplayer This is where users can create server rooms to play lessons with other users.
Support Documentation provides quick access to the documentation on each of our products. Community is a place where users can view or create posts with questions/concerns that can be answered by other users or by our support team. Tickets section where users can submit detailed issues regarding potentially sensitive information that will be sent directly to our support staff.
Workspaces Displays the current workspaces the user is a member of.

Product List

Here you are able to download and install the latest versions of each software, along with getting updates to the current version.