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Portal Documentation

Modest3D Portal Introduction

Modest3D Portal is used to manage all of the assets associated with Modest3D projects and organizational permissions for viewing the assets within your organization.

Portal UI

  1. Header Bar

    From here you have

  2. Dashboard

    Here you have access to Tutorial videos for Modest 3D Software, and Release Notes

  3. Projects

    Here you are able to manage, add and create both your local (offline) and Server (online) projects you are apart of.

    • Local allows you to manage projects that located on your computer

    • Server allows you to manage Projects that are connected to the Online sever

  4. Organization Assets

  5. Teams

  6. Users

  7. Documentation

    Opens a webpage to the Modest 3D Documentation site

  8. Email

    Enables you to send an email to the support team

  9. Modest 3D Software Installers

    Here you are able to download and install the latest versions of each software