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Licenses are the keys that allow you to use Modest3D suite software. Licenses can be for one or more products, and for the user come in two different types.

NOTE: Generally, you must connect to the internet at least once every two days to continue using your license.

Internal License

Internal licenses are assigned to users through the organization administrator.

Adding licenses to Users

  1. Go to the Organization Tab.

  2. Click on your Organization.

  3. Click on Licensing.

  4. If necessary, paste your license key and click submit.

  5. Click on the license you would like to add users to.

  6. Click the checkmark beside the names of the users you would like to add.

Bandwidth Cap

The bandwidth cap is how much bandwidth your organization is allotted for syncing projects to the cloud.

Standalone License

The Standalone License allows you to run the product without using the portal.

Adding a Standalone License

  1. Click on the Settings cog in the top bar of the Portal.

  2. Click on the Licenses tab.

  3. Paste your product keys into the proper boxes. If you have a single license for multiple products, paste the same key into each box.

  4. Click outside the settings popup and you should now have your license.

For information on transferring projects and doing other tasks without the use of the cloud, see the Offline Operation documentation.

Machine Key

The machine key found in Portal's settings is a key unique to your particular computer. It is mainly used when in contact with Modest3D's team and transferring standalone licenses between machines.