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Overview of Modest3D Windows

Default Layout

The below is the default layout for Modest3D.

  1. Menu Bar: Where you can save, publish and export scenarios, open a new or existing scenario, or exit Modest3D and go back to the login screen.
  2. Edit View: The Edit View is the interactive view where you can edit your 3D scenario.
  3. Play View: The Play View Is a preview of your published lesson. When you play a scenario the Play View is fully interactive.
  4. Storyboarder Tab: The storyboarder Is the storyboard where you apply interactions and behaviours.
  5. Two panes:
    • Assets Pane: The assets pane shows all of the assets that are part of your project. This includes 3D models, images and audio files.
    • Scene Pane: The scene pane shows all components that are currently loaded into your 3D scene. When a 3D model is loaded each part of the 3D model will be shown in the scenes pane.
  6. Properties Pane: The properties pane showcases areas of further customization for each node.
  7. Two panes:
    • Templates Pane: This pane lists all templates you have created in the scenario.
    • Console Pane: Lists any errors in the scenario.

Open Additional Tabs

There are additional tabs that can be displayed in Modest3D.

Click on the triangle on any window of corners and select "Add tab"

The tabs that are hidden by default:

  • Inventory Tab: The inventory tab shows all items that are part of your global inventory list. Items that are part of your global inventory list can be applied to a parts tray or tool crib inventory.
  • SCORM Debugging: Window pane used for SCORM debugging.
  • TinCan Deubgging: Window pane used for debugging with TinCan.
  • Localization: Choose Modest3D's language.

Video Tutorial