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Operating Procedures to Know Before you Start

Modest3D is used to create 3D scenarios without needing prior knowledge of programming or 3D design. To get started, there are a few simple operating procedures that you should familiarize yourself with prior to starting.

1) Drag-and-Drop items into the Storyboarder

Modest 3D is built to let users quickly drag items into the Storyboarder. All items in the Editor, Assets, Scene and Templates tabs can be dragged into the Storyboarder and assigned interactivity.

Note: In Order to Drag Items from the editor, the DRAG button must be enabled.

2) Nodes Need to be Connected

The Storyboarder works by linking Nodes of different types into a logical path. These nodes are connected by lines, which help show you the flow of your scenario.

  • White Lines: Shows you the flow of the program, starting from Begin.
  • Green Lines: Links objects with nodes that modify the object.
  • Blue Lines: Tells the scenario what objects to use as an argument.

3) Interactivity is assigned by right-clicking the bottom handle of a node

For example, if you have a scene object that you want to animate you would drop the object into the Storyboarder, click the bottom handle and select Animate.

4) You need to Simulate to activate the Node you are on.

Simulating can be accomplished several ways:

  • Pressing the Simulate button in the Storyboarder header
  • Right clicking the node:
    • Pressing Simulate at the top of the context menu defaults to simulating from the beginning
    • Mousing over Simulate gives two more options:
      • From Beginning simulates from the beginning of the scenario.
      • From Current simulates from the selected node.

5) The Player is Fully Interactive

If you press the Play button on the sidebar, the lesson is played from the beginning, with interactivity. This is helpful, as most 3D scenarios have user input, and it’s nice to be able to test it in real time.

6) Nodes Highlight in Purple to Indicate Which Node the Player is Executing

This lets you track in real time, while testing, where you are in the program.

7) Nodes Highlight in Yellow to Indicate Which Node is Selected

Always make sure you're editing the correct node by checking the correct node is highlighted in yellow.