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The Steps List allows the developer to create a list of steps to help organize the lesson created, and guide the player through the scenario. The Steps List is also linked to the steps, and the steps description will highlight the step to its designated step description. Steps allows the developer to create as many steps needed to clarify and direct the lesson.

Steps are created in the setup node of Modest3D. As you learned in the setup node tutorial, you can have multiple setup nodes. It is a good practice to create a second setup node (rename it to steps) just for your steps, so that they are all in the same place.

While in the steps setup node, right click and choose Add Steps List, then hit simulate. The Steps List will house all the steps the developer generates to help direct the lesson for the user.

If the Step list is not visible in the Editor tab, toggle the UI button.

Step Description allows the developer to add more descriptive detail to the steps. Step description will always display the active step's description, as outlined in that step's properties. There is no restriction on how many steps that can be generated. Your limit is only a matter of how much space the steps list will consume from your scene.

You also can add descriptions associated with each step. That will only be visible in the Description box, which brings us to the Description box.

After plugging in all your information in the Steps. Simply drag the step from the steps list in the editor view port, to the Storyboarder. Right click and drag the bottom handle of the steps node, and select set active. The step's activation is then set as active when the scenario reaches this node. You can also use Clear Active to clear the active step.

Steps Tutorial