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Creating an Inventory Grid

It is good practice to create a separate setup node and rename it for your Inventory, to keep your main setup node from being overpopulated. As you learned in the setup node tutorial, you can have multiple setup nodes.

While in the setup node right click and choose Add Inventory > New > Grid. An inventory grid houses components that can be used throughout your scenario such as a tool crib, or a parts tray. When you create an inventory grid this creates an inventory tab where you store your inventory items.

The developer is able to drag and drop Images (.png) from the assets pane into the Global inventory.

By dragging a 3D model from your editor view port into the inventory tab, you can create a .png file from the object. The 3D viewer pop up allows you to change the position and size of the object and to rename it. When you click OK the image showing in the 3D viewer will be the .png generated.

From there, the developer can drag and drop from the Global inventory to the Inventory grid. Once the images are in the inventory grid, the developer is able to implement the images into the lesson plan.

By dragging the item from the inventory grid in to the Storyboarder, the developer can attach the desired functions to the image.

Inventory Video Tutorial