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Editor Documentation - Nodes - Setup Node

2D/3D Labels

2D/3D Labels - You can create text that will appear on the screen that can be parented to a 3D object turning it from a 2D label to a 3D label. Start by double clicking the Setup node.

When in the setup node right click, and under the UI menu select the Labels option.

To make the label visible in the editor window, toggle the UI button in the editor window.

2D menu: controls the 2D properties of your label.

  • Anchor - will attache the label to a fixed location on the screen
  • Offset Y&X - will offset the position from the anchored/fixed location
  • Height & Width - will edit the size of the label
  • A & R - are toggles that will use Absolute Coordinates or Relative Coordinates system.
  • Absolute Coordinates will use the data you selected
  • Relative Coordinates will edited the data to be relative to the size of screen


3D menu, is mainly to parent the label to a 3D model . for this we need a 3D model Import a model and populate it in your screen. After simulating.

  • Parent name- Use parent name to parent your label to the model, to parent your label to the model, drag the model from you editor window or from the setup node and drop it in the empty Parent name slot.
  • World offset - Use world offset to edit the position of the label on the 3D model .
  • World Hide Distance - while in a mobile view as the camera moves closer to the 3D model the label will appear, and disappear as the camera moves further.
  • World hide blend Distance - will make the label fade in and out.

Appearance menu, Use the appearance menu to edit the appearance of the label.

  • Is Highlighted - Will toggle a highlight around your label
  • Highlight color - will edit the color of the highlight.
  • Opacity - will control the level of transparency of your label.
  • Is Visible - will toggle the visibility of your label on or off.
  • Tooltip - will add a small text that will appear if you hover and wait over the label in the player window.

Label menu, Use the label menu to edit the properties of the label text.

  • Text - Will change what the label reads on the screen.
  • Background Color - will edit the color of the background.
  • Word Wrap - Will wrap the text box around the text.
  • Text Color - This will change the color of the text.
  • Font - Will change the font of the text.
  • Auto Size - Will re-size the background to match the horizontal and vertical size of the given text.
  • Auto Height - Will re-size the background height to match the vertical height of the given text.
  • Scale - Will increase or decrease the overall size of the text.
  • Horizontal/Vertical Alignment - will anchor the text in relation to the text box.