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Setup Node

Setup Node allows the developer to add Lights, Cameras, Models, Inventory Grid, Steps List and Steps Description. It allows the developer to manipulate properties - positions, visibility and in some cases color. The Setup Node sets the foundation for the lesson.You can use multiple setup nodes in the same lesson, in case you need to introduce a new model midway through your lesson.

Right clicking in the Setup Node will allow the developer to create Lights, Camera, Inventory Grid, Steps List and Steps Description. Models will have to be dragged in from the Assets Pane, then activated by clicking Simulate. For additional information on dragging models into your Setup Node and simulating into you scene see Loading 3D models into your 3D scene.

Any Item (Lights, Cameras, Inventory Grid, Steps List and Steps Description)'s properties that are edited from the defaults are recorded, then parented to the Item and can be re-edited or deleted individually. To access item recorded functions simply expand the item.

Node Example