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Model List Node

Model List - Will give you the ability to place multiple models into a list, and then apply functions to the list.

First of all you must be in the Advanced Mode complexity to do this select the settings button to access the Editor Options.

In the Editor Options select the Advanced Mode.

Right click in the story border under Misc menu select Model List.

Notice the + sign, hit it to generate model empty slot. Drag models from the editor window to the Storyboarder.

You can either drop the model into the empty model slot, or connect the side handlers from the model to the model list node.

Right click drag from the Model List bottom handler to show all possible options.

For example I will select Pick Random this will pick a random model from the list.

Right click drag from the Pick Random bottom handler to show all possible options, I will chose Animate.

Connect the flow from the setup node to the animate node, and give the animate node a value.

Now if you hit play, randomly one of the models in the Model List will animate.

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