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Loop Node

Loop: is a node that will repeat over and over what ever set of functions/actions placed with in the loop

The image above is a simple demonstration of a loop. The cube has 2 animate nodes that will animate the cube to the left and then an equal amount to the right indefinitely. This would be set up as a background feature, if you wanted to keep an animation going in the background while the rest of the lesson plays on.

The image above is a more complex/practicable example of the use of a loop node, if you wanted to create a lesson that contains a correct/wrong option. Let’s look at the break down.

Scene setup: 2 identical models changed the color just to make it visually different.

Right click in the Storyboarder and select from the menu Input > Wait For Any Click. Right click and drag from the Wait For Any Click node and select Branch.

Select the Branch node and in the properties hit the + sign on the Else tab. Then create 2 message boxes with a correct and a wrong try again text. Connect the wrong try again message box to the else tab from the branch node. Connect an End Loop to the correct message box.

Drag one of the arrows from the editor window to the story border, and place it in the empty slot branch node. Right click and select Control > Loop and connect the loop after the setup node and into the branch node.

If done properly, when you hit play you will be able to click in the player window on the wrong choice and it will play the wrong try again message and repeat over and over until the correct choice is clicked which will play the correct message and end the loop.

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