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List Nodes

Creating a List

List Nodes are available in expert complexity mode.

Right-click on storyboarder under type and select list.

Right-click on empty parameter slot and select type of objects to be listed here we will create a list of models so under type->Scene->Model.

Click bottom handle and choose create value. You can add more list slots by pressing the plus in the bottom left corner. You can drag and drop models into these slots or use the context menu to select constants.

Tip! Multi-selecting objects in the scene hierarchy or editor window and dragging them to the storyboarder will automatically create a list.

List Functions

LoopEach: will perform an action on each object in the list one at a time.

From bottom handle of list object click LoopEach.

From upper right handle (action argument) drag out a connector and select the begin node, this will act as a lambda function.

Add a begin parameter by clicking the plus button in the bottom left of the node and right-clicking on the empty parameter space, select variable -> new.

You can rename the variable to something more descriptive by clicking on the newly created variable and changing the name in the properties panel.

Compile the lesson.

Drag from the right handle of the begin node and search your variable name.

Click on bottom handle and select the action to perform on list objects. This example uses animate.


ForkEach: will perform an action on all objects in the list at the same time.

It can be used in almost the same manner as the LoopEach node demonstrated in the above example except we need to add a wait node so that the rest of the lesson does not run until the ForkEach actions are complete.


PickRandom: Picks a random object from the list to perform an action on.

This Example will animate a random model from the list.

Left-click on bottom handle of list object and select PickRandom.

Left-click on bottom handle of pickRandom node and select action you wish to perform on the randomly selected object.


Shuffle: Shuffles the order of the objects.

You must create a list variable in order for the shuffle function to be effective.

Create a list like normal (see beginning of article) and dereference a SaveTo node. Right-click in the empty parameter and select Variables > New. Click on the Unnamed variable and give it a name in the properties panel.

The values defined in the list object are now saved to the list variable and you can perform any list function directly from this variable in place of the list object.

Open the context menu and search your list variable.

Click the bottom handle and select shuffle.

Shuffle will mix the order of the values and therefore animating the list through the OneAtATime node after the shuffle can animate the objects in a different order than calling it before the shuffle. Shuffle mixes the objects randomly, so there is a slight chance the order will come out the same.


Remove Random: Removes a random object from the list of objects.

The usage is identical to the shuffle node demonstrated above.

Sort: Sort the list alphabetically or numerically least to greatest depending on the list type.

The usage is identical to the shuffle node. Cannot be used on the SceneModel type.

Reverse: Reverses the order of of the list.

The usage is identical to the shuffle node.