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DisplayLoading Screen Node

Display loading Screen, as your scene loads their will be an image blocking the view of the player window for your created lesson.

It is common to load a display screen before the setup node containing your scene, inventory grid, steps list & description. This is because with out the loading screen the student will see the scene be put together and that could be mistook for a glitch.

To create the Display Loading Screen Node, right click and select Misc from the menu then select Display Loading Screen. For now we will move forward to Clear Loading Screen Node, go to the Misc menu again and select Clear Loading.

Now that you have a Display Loading Screen Node (beginning) and an Clear Loading Screen Node (end)

Connect Display Loading Screen Node, before your first scene/assets setup node. Connect Clear Loading Screen Node, after your last scene/assets.

As your scene is populating on your editor/player screen the loading screen image will only be visible.

Then your lesson will play through. Next customizing/editing the image.

First you must be under the Advanced Mode. Select settings from the left menu bar. Select advanced mode.

Right click on the Display Loading Screen Node, in the options menu fourth down hover over Change Overload. Select Display(Image, Color, bool, bool). This will activate the Loading Texture slot in the Display Loading Screen Node's properties.

Simply drag any image you have imported see Importing Models, Image and Audio Assets into Modest3D. After importing the image drag your chosen image from the assets tab top right corner, to the storyboarder.

Now drag the image into the highlighted slot.

Simulate to the Display Loading Screen Node and in the properties menu.

  • Fill Color- will edit the color of the back ground
  • Stretch To Fill- will stretch the image to fit the screen
  • Maintain Aspect Ratio- Will keep the imported image ratio size

Now if you play your lesson, you should see the imported image as your loading screen.

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