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Branch Node

The Branch node is used to create branched scenarios in your lessons. Depending on user choice, Branch allows multiple outcomes to the lesson. A good comparison would be to think of Branch as a garden hose with a switch. The switch will determine the path in which the water flows, with the switch being the user’s choices in the lesson.

The most common way to use a Branch node is to first create a “Wait For Any Click” node. Drag from the bottom handle of Wait For Any Click, and select Branch from the list.

Branch has multiple slots that can be added to have many different outcomes. To add a slot click the ‘+’ button on the left-side of the node. This adds a slot that an object node can be dragged into.

Alternatively, you can drag the object directly to the slot and it automatically adds it to a new slot.

You can also drag from the right handle of a node to attach it to a slot in the Branch as seen below:

Each slot in the Branch has a corresponding path which will be executed depending on the user’s choice. For example, in the image above, if either the Stem_Nut or Stem objects are clicked, Message Box nodes will display a message in the lesson. If the Locking_Pin object is clicked, an animation will play. In this way, the Branch can be used to create many different outcomes in your lesson.

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