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Localization is the process of adapting a product that has been previously translated into multiple languages to a specific country or region. Modest3D Editor allows users to localize their lessons\courseware.

Localization Overview

  • In this demo, we will create English and French language capabilities. In the scene I have 3 models, with each model's name above it. We have a welcome message box and a Steps list containing 3 instructional steps and 3 descriptions. We will be displaying all the text in English and French. Let's get started.

  • To access the Localization tab click on the drop down arrow and select Add Tab

  • From the Add Tab options select Localization

Localization Tab overview

  • Language: this slot will allow the user to select one of the languages created.
  • Gear Icon will allow the user to Add Language, Clear All, Reload All From File and Sort By Key and Set As Default
  • Search this slot will allow the user to quick search created Key’s
  • Let's start by clicking on the Gear Icon and select Add Language

  • Enter the language name, repeat this process for english and french

  • Now in the Language slot there should be 2 options English and French. Set one of the Languages as Default by selecting the language and clicking on the gear icon and selecting Set As Default. I set English as my default.

  • Adding a new entry/key can be done by right clicking in the empty space marked by the red box or by clicking the + sign marked with a red arrow.

  • Next step will involve pre planning, Think of all the locations that are using text that will be displayed. In this case I am using Text in the following places.

Welcome Message box   -Title and Message Text
Steps List          -Steps List Title
Step1                 -Title and Description Text
Step2                 -Title and Description Text
Step3                 -Title and Description Text
Description       -Title
3D Label            -Sphere name
3D Label            -Cube name
3D Label            -Cone name

  • In total we need 13 Localization Entries/Keys

  • Add a new Entry/Key this will create a new empty Entry/Key with 2 slots

  • The Untitled slot will be for your organizational and familiarity use. Marked with red box
  • The Values slot will be used to enter the text you want localized/translated. Marked with blue box

  • For the Message Box we needed 2 Entries/Keys

    • 1st for the Message Box’s Title
    • 2nd for the Message Box’s Value
  • Currently the Message Box is empty, we will drag and drop our localization Entries/Keys into the appropriate slots. Select the Message box to see its current properties.

  • Drag the Localizations TIL-MSsgBox Entry to the Message Box’s Title Slot in the Message Box’s properties.
  • Drag the Localizations MsgBox-Value to the Message Box’s Text Slot in the Message Box’s properties.

  • Now if you play the lesson, you will notice the Message Box’s info has changed to the Entry/Keys assigned.

  • Now change the Language to French

  • Notice how the French is still empty, it's because we haven't entered the french equivalent to the english data. We can do this in two ways

    • 1st Enter the French values manually

    • 2nd If you save your lesson, in the folder where you have your lesson saved a CSV file will be generated. This file can be opened in Excel and edited and filled with the French values. Then overwrite the CSV file.

  • Once the CSV has been edited and overwritten click the gear icon and select Reload All From File.