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Editor Documentation - Labels and 3D Labels


We can easily create a label and attach to an object that we want to mark.

Adding A Label

  • Step into the Setup node by double clicking it.
  • Right click on empty area of the Storyboarder and call the right click menu out.
  • Choose the UI group and click "Label" in the group.

Setting Properties

There are several property groups can be used to customize the label: 2D Layout, 3D Layout, Appearance, Label and Miscellaneous.

  • 2D Layout contains properties such as Anchor, Offset, Height and Width. Those properties are in charge of positioning the label as well as defining the size.

  • 3D Layout contains one of the most important property: ParentName. This property is used to declare what object this label belongs to. By setting a parent to the label, we can make it follow the action of the parent including the movement. The following steps demostrate how to set a parent to the label:

    • Select the label in the Storyboarder(Setup node) and make sure the Properties tab is active.
    • Make sure the Scene is active as well.
    • Move the cursor to the object that you want to set as the parent in the Scene tab, click on it with the mouse key keeping down and drag it to the ParentName slot.
    • You can also drag an object from the Edit View to the slot when the Drag button in the Edit View is activated.
  • Appearance

    • IsHighlighted: You can toggle this property on and off to declare if you want the label to be highlighted. This property usually works with the HighlightColor:
    • IsVisible: this useful property can control if the label can be seen in the Play View. You can control this dynamically by changing the value(True or False) of this property in the lesson.
    • Tooltip: this property can provide some extra information when hovering on the label.
  • Label
    • Text: this property defines the content of the label.
    • The other properties in this group are mainly in charge of defining colors, font or size of the label. You can simply tell their functionalities by names.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Name: Allows naming of the label.