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Editor Documentation - Labels and 3D Labels

3D Labels

We can simply deem a 3D label as a 3D object with pure text in the scene.

Adding A 3D Label

  • Step into the Setup node by double clicking.
  • Right click on empty place of Storyboarder.
  • Click the "Label 3D"

Setting Properties

There are several property groups can be used to customize a 3D label: Appearance, 3D Layout, Text and Miscellaneous.

  • Appearance

    • IsVisible: this useful property can control whether the 3D label can be seen in Play View. You can control this dynamically by changing its value(True or False) in the lesson.
  • 3D Layout: as a 3D object, the label has the typical properties for defining its position, rotation and scale. You can control corresponding properties just like a regular 3D object.

  • Text

    • Text: this property defines the content of the label.
    • The other properties in this group are mainly in charge of setting colors, font or fontsize of the label. You can simply tell their functionalities by names.
  • Miscellaneous

    • Name: Allows naming of the label.
  • As a 3D label, it naturally gains the perspective effect just like the other 3D objects in the scene. Please see the different visual effects between a 3D label and a regular label:

  • 3D labels don't have parents. So basically, it cannot move in accordance with a specific object by assigning a parent.