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Editor Documentation


The Inventory system in Modest3D is composed of a few different nodes, UI elements, and tabs:

  • Inventory Grid
  • Inventory Item
  • Inventory Grid Item
  • Inventory Tab
  • Drag To Inventory Node
  • Move To Inventory Node
  • Drag To Scene Node
  • Move To Scene Node

The Inventory system requires a few steps to function:

  1. Add an Inventory Grid to your lesson via any Setup Node.
  2. Create an Inventory Item by dragging a 3D model from the Editor to the Inventory tab.
  3. Create an Inventory Grid Item by dragging an Inventory Item to an Inventory Grid (Note: Setup node must be active in order to complete this step).

3D objects can then be dragged to the Inventory Grid using Drag To Inventory or Move To Inventory nodes, and Inventory Grid Items can be dragged back into the scene using Drag To Scene or Move To Scene nodes.

Please refer to the documentation for these nodes for further clarification on these processes.