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Editor Documentation - Cameras


The Skybox is the default background of Cameras created in Modest3D, and is only editable via the Camera’s properties. By default it is set to a grey-green gradient color, with a rectangular shape.

The Skybox properties available for customization include:

  • Skybox. Checkbox that indicates whether the Skybox is turned on or off. The background will display a blank white color if turned off.
  • Background Color. The primary color of the Skybox. Click on the colored box to open a color picker.
  • Background Color Bottom. The secondary color of the Skybox. Click on the colored box to open a color picker.
  • Custom Skybox Type. This contains a list of possible gradient types. By default the Skybox is set to RectagularGrid, but options include SphericalSmoothGrid, SphericalFlatGrid, and SphericalInvertedFlatGrid.

Two more properties are available for editing via Expert mode:

  • Skybox Corner Strength. Depending on the Type/style of skybox chosen in Custom Skybox type, this can be modified to increase/decrease the intensity of the corners’ light. Any positive decimal value can be entered here (if set to 0 or lower, it will display black).
  • SkyBox Resolution. Dictates the intensity of the gradient in the background. A lower value is a softer gradient, a higher value is a sharper gradient. By default, it is set to 512.

Preset SkyBox

Preset skyboxes are available in Editor which can meet most circumstances when its necessary to introduce a skybox to the scene.

  • To choose a preset skybox we need to step into Setup node by double clicking it.

  • After stepping into Setup node, select the Main Camera and make sure the Properties tab is active.

  • In the Properties tab, toggle the Skybox field to enable status.

  • Click the dropdown called BackgroundType and choose the style you prefer.

    • Normally, you will get the skybox effect immediately both in Edit View and Play View after your dropdown selection.
    • If you cannot see the effect, please click the simulate button.