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Modes: Basic, Advanced and Expert

There are three modes in Modest3D: Basic, Advanced and Expert. By default Modest3D will open in Basic mode. Users can change the mode by clicking on the gear on the menu bar and selecting a different mode.

Basic Mode

Basic mode is the first mode. Modest3D defaults to basic mode. Basic mode allows users to do simple flow control and create simple scenarios.

Basic mode includes:

Advanced Mode

Advanced mode contains more nodes and ways to interact with nodes. Advanced mode allows more experienced users to harness more powerful properties of Modest3D to create complex scenarios. Advanced mode includes:

  • Lists
    • 3D Object
    • Model
    • Tin Can agent
    • Transformation
    • Vector3
  • Begin nodes
  • Advanced variables
  • Broader input nodes
  • User Tracking
  • Advanced Debugging
  • Complex If statements using comparison of properties
  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Casting
  • More loading screen options

Expert Mode

Expert mode is best used by people who have experience with programming, as it contains features allowing users to harness to the fullest extent the power of Modest3D, but at the loss of simplicity.

Expert mode includes:

  • Complete loop control
    • Continue Loop, End Loop, Scope, While, Yield
  • Constants
    • Creation of constants of any type for use with variables and flow control
  • Generics and Delegates
  • Primitive types