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Editor Documentation - Audio and Video

3D Sounds

The use of 3D sounds can really bring your virtual reality lesson to life adding an extra layer of immersion.

A 3D sound can be set to sound louder as you are closer to the source and quieter as you get further away.

Creating a 3D Sound

Drag your audio file into the storyboarder from the asset panel and dereference a CreateSound node.

You can save the sound to a variable using the SaveTo node.

Now you can manipulate this variable to control your 3D sound properties during the lesson.

A 3D sound has several different properties that can all be used in the same manner.

Just call your 3D sound variable and dereference the property you wish to manipulate.

You can change this properties value by using changeTo and fill in the parameter slot with the constant you wish to change it to. You can also use the increment and decrement nodes to increase or decrease its value by a specified amount.

Just like a 2D sound you will need to derefrence a play node from it inorder to get it to play.

Property Nodes

Max Distance: Is the distance at which the player will no longer hear the 3D sound.

Min Distance: Is the distance at which the sound will start to Rolloff at.

RollOffMode: Is the rate at which the sound will dissipate for the player as they move away from it.

Pitch: Allows you to manipulate the pitch of your sound

Volume: Allows you to manipulate the volume of your sound

Loop : Takes a boolean value on whether it should loop the sound or play one shot.

Position: Set the origin of the sound with a vector3.